11ty experiments. One day I will learn how to use this.

Quick Start

  1. Generate a repo from this template which will copy this project into your own new repo.

  2. Once cloned, run npm install to install 11ty and other dependencies. Then run npm start to run both 11ty and node-sass in watch mode. Use npm run build to run a production version, which will also generate social share preview images.

  3. Open src/_data/meta.js and adjust the values to your details.

  4. Review the styling documentation for the included minimal Sass framework, particularly the theme variables, to quickly customize the starter.

  5. Edit _includes/home.njk to change the home page - including changing the template type if desired - and then create content within _pages using any templating format you prefer to add content.

  6. Check out the About page for expanded details on included features of this starter.

  7. Review the 11ty documentation to more deeply apply customizations, including adding custom data sources and reviewing what template languages are available.

Is Netlify hosting required?

It's not required, but highly recommended, and is also how the build process is setup to run against.

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