Hello World

A demo of the "Page" template and kitchen sink sample of styled elements.

Credit for the kitchen sink elements to the "Just the Docs" project by pmarsceill.

Header 1#

This is a normal paragraph following a header. GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere.

Text can be bold, italic, or strikethrough.

Link to another page.

Header 2#

This is a blockquote following a header.

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.

Header 3#

// Javascript code with syntax highlighting.
var fun = function lang(l) {
dateformat.i18n = require("./lang/" + l);
return true;
# Ruby code with syntax highlighting
GitHubPages::Dependencies.gems.each do |gem, version|
s.add_dependency(gem, "= #{version}")
Long, single-line code blocks should not wrap. They should horizontally scroll if they are too long. This line should be long enough to demonstrate this.

Header 4

Header 5
  1. This is an ordered list following a header.
  2. This is an ordered list following a header.
  3. This is an ordered list following a header.

There's a horizontal rule below this.#

Here is an unordered list:#

And an ordered list:#

  1. Item one
  2. Item two
  3. Item three
  4. Item four

And a nested list:#

Small Image#

Large image#